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Youngest Entrepreneur in Kenya, CEO, Precious Connections Ltd

“We truly believe in the trans formative power of networking and the ability to simplify communications, elevate experiences, engage and inspire people everywhere”-PRECIOUS CONNECTIONS LTD.

The ‘IT’ Couple-Someone once said that if you can’t find a spouse who supports your career, stay single! Even for couples who are committed to equality, it takes two exceptional people to navigate tricky dual-career waters. Sabrina’s husband Feisal has been her pillar of support, her hero and her best friend in the success story of Precious Connections Ltd.

THE Coast Counties Watch (CCW) salutes this young female entrepreneur who at a tender age of 21, gathered the courage to believe she could succeed and left no stone turned to make it a reality!
chief writer, CCW
Her ‘can do’ attitude and home grown wisdom saw her start her own company and become CEO at the age of 21 and has since steered it to growth and success.
We celebrate Sabrina Daud Ejore, now 27 years of age, CEO and Founder Precious Connections Ltd, who has proven that beyond any reasonable doubt as she has outperformed many of her male counterparts.

We salute a woman who represents the breed of female founders, entrepreneurs and leaders who are forging a new path forward, standing up for what they believe in and building wildly successful businesses along the way.
The story of her life is another source of true inspiration altogether, a story for the near future on this platform.
In this piece, we talk about her company, PRECIOUS CONNECTIONS LTD, a multi-faceted company that was founded as a partnership in 2013 and incorporated in 2017 under the companies act in the republic of Kenya. The company is paced through youth energy concentrated around strategies engineered by experienced professionals from diversified area of expertise.

Being youth/women owned and having footprints in marginalized area, Precious Connections Ltd has focused its effort to allow for increased youth, women and community empowerment.
The company which is well connected to create and add value to its stakeholders is guided by three core values namely Integrity, Authenticity and Professionalism.

“Precious Connections is about creating an ambitious business platform that suits clients demand making us a one stop shop business hub where talented businesses drive forward growth in Kenya,”
Through recognition of the importance of professionalism in providing solution focused skills, services and desirable client maintenance, Precious Connections has defined an investment policy into its operations to ensure constant growth.
Sabrina is generally a very positive and optimistic person. She is a happy person who likes to be surrounded by happy people. She thinks of being the that the best version of herself and not being like somebody else. She borrows influences, picks up good habits from those around her and from those who have succeeded in the industry. Some of her biggest strengths are the capacity to care for people and making things happen,“-CCW
That fact is reflected in the notable position the company has entrenched itself into the competitive Kenyan market.
Services offered include but are not limited to; ICT services and solutions, international trade, corporate branding, business consultancy, events management, digital marketing and content, non-pharmaceutical products and corporate social responsibility.

Its partners include Alckatron Systems Ltd, Elaborate Events, Allergy Kids Ltd (AKL), Monets Systems Ltd and the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNNCI).
Sabrina was raised by a single mother in Mombasa County, and is the eldest child in a family of 4.
She founded and established Precious Connections at the age of 21 back in 2013. She has 6 years of experience in the business industry and studied Bachelors in Science Communications and Public relations Consultancy.
“I ventured into General Trade because it is my passion and I saw many opportunities in the industry. I enjoy networking, that’s why I joined membership with the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI),” She tells me.
Good communication being one of her strengths and a vital factor that runs her company, coupled with her visible and active online presence that come with creative contents to engage stakeholders on various social media platforms saw her launch her website at the weekend, thereby promising an even higher level of service and engagement.

Overcoming challenges at the infancy of her company, especially from the fact that she was getting into a male dominated arena with very high competition, made her stronger and soon, she cared less for those who doubted her ability at the beginning… She knew she had to keep going, keep making a difference and be above others.
“It (business world) is an open market. A place of opportunities. When your company is new and you are a newcomer, it is difficult to build trust. Nothing comes easy, you have to pursue and be determined to succeed,” she says.
People who start a new business venture possess a wealth of desirable traits and skills that compel them to embark on their new business ventures.
Naturally optimistic, passionate, creative, action-oriented  and highly dedicated, the mother of three was not afraid of working long hours to transform her start up into a long-term sustainable business.

I always had faith in Allah(SW) and prayed consistently for He is the best of planners. Without His guidance, I would be left clueless-SABRINA

Looking back through her journey, Sabrina says her passion about what she does was a major strength, not forgetting the love and support of her loving family and particularly, her personal hero and best friend, her husband, Mr. Feisal Fauz.
“Doing what you love and having a passion for that which you do will definitely fuel your commitment and give you the energy you need for the long haul. It is about your burning desire and how you can shape it into reality that will provide you with the satisfaction,”-SABRINA
Her energy and enthusiasm continue to fuel her efforts, something that her employees, partners and clients continue to take notice of, judging by the successful growth of the company.
She emphasizes that building a business on what one is passionate about is just more than building a business based on monitory opportunities alone.

Her golden rule…comes from ‘the mindset’…

Her golden rule is her commitment to personal greatness. To build a company like Precious Connections to where it is, she had to take time to learn about best practices relevant to the business to be able to unleash her own greatness.

 Even though she is the founder and owner of the company, she has maintained the ‘CEO’ mindset by keeping an eye on the big picture and creating a system that has ensured the business operates the wants it to with key focus being sustainable success.
Businesses with owners of a CEO mindset she says, will not depend on the owner being present all the time and that has enabled her to have a life outside of running the business, balancing her work and private life and having time for her most valued treasure-her family.
“Integrity is one of our highest values and we always act with honesty. We maintain a professional demeanor and we consistently meet the highest standards in the work we produce. Transparency is in all we do. We believe in giving rather than taking and maintaining good will with our stakeholders,” says Sabrina.
Like she tells me, it is all about knowing what your business stands for and most importantly, living those values.
At Precious Connections Ltd, work is engineered around open source mode. The company boasts of strong connections around its operations, which makes its outcome universal and all-inclusive with a strong focus on general supplies of goods and services and while at it, standardizing its clients’ engagement on a platform of autonomy, mastery and a sense of purpose is key.
The mission is to provide the highest quality in products and services to customers at an affordable price, increase brand awareness to stakeholders and become contributing members to the community.
The main objective of the company is the attainment of the sustainable development goals which are broadly in line with Kenya’s vision 2030.

The 2030 agenda recognizes efforts of young business leaders like Sabrina, with the strong ability to drive change as the youth are often the most affected by changes within their communities, a fact that makes it important and only fair to recognize and celebrate her kind.

Sabrina’s defination of success…

Some say the purpose of life is to be happy. Others believe the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible and to be compassionate, to stand for something, to make a difference!
One of the people who believe in that school of thought is Sabrina Ejore. She appreciates the fact that financial success is a truly powerful motivator and dictates time and energy, influences relationships. However, in her view, it is not the greatest call we have on our lives.
For Sabrina, she values significance more and believes it keeps on giving.

“Your significance in this life will always outlast you, even when you are no longer present. It is when you positively change the life of another, who in turn impacts the life of another and that chain continues. If you ask me, the thirst for financial success is never quenched but significance in this life, satisfies our deepest hearts and souls,
It allows me to lay my head on the pillow each night, fulfilled and confident that I have had a fulfilling day or valuable week out there,”-SABRINA

For her, looking back at life, one should celebrate the impact they have had in the lives of others as opposed to the professional achievements.
Sabrina who also runs several charitable causes at the community level and is a great role model based on the lives she continues to save and change, from the catastrophe that is drug abuse, to HIV Aids initiatives, to offering job opportunities to the less privileged to helping in nurturing community talents, one would easily understand why she cares much about making impact and changing lives.
Changing the world is something a lot of people talk about and aspire to do. As people set out to do this and make it their life goal like Sabrina, it dawns on one that whether you become an entrepreneur or an investor, there are still so many ways you can make a difference to the world around you.
We will soon be sharing Sabrina’s inspiring life story right from Mombasa County, losing everything she had and starting from scratch in a city (Nairobi) where she knew nobody, away from her home town.
Most importantly, you will get to read how she continues to change the narrative on cross cutting issues that are critical to society.
We salute this young Trailblazer and wish her the best as she steers her company towards greatness!


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